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Midterm Portfolio Table of Contents

Midterm Portfolio Table of Contents - f Trade...

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M IDTERM P ORTFOLIO T ABLE OF C ONTENTS S UGGESTED O RDER Use dividers to make your work easier to find. You may adjust tab headings and order, however the order that you choose to use must make sense. Be sure to include your tabs on your table of contents as headings. Items required for the midterm are marked with an asterisk. I. Employment Information a. Resume* b. References* c. Cover Letter* - add final draft NEXT WEEK d. Career Plan* e. Job Application (typed)* f. W4 (typed)* g. I9 (typed)* h. Occupational Outlook Handbook Printout* II. Certificates and Awards a. HCC Program Certificates b. Outstanding Student c. Perfect Attendance d. Honor Society/Honor Roll e. Athletics
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Unformatted text preview: f. Trade Organizations (FBLA, FFA, HERO, VICA) g. Community Service h. Community Service i. Other course completions III. Work Samples a. Awards b. Successful work c. Letters of Recommendation (principal, teacher, class advisor) d. Photos in the workplace (with explanations)* (at least two) e. Technical Writing Samples – projects from your program * (at least one) f. Story* Additional Items – not included on the table of contents are: Cover Table of Contents Bonus: Increase your score by adding items not starred as well as additional pieces of work, pictures, letters of recommendation, certificates, awards, etc....
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