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Name: M IDTERM S ELF R EFLECTION A SSIGNMENT Technical Communications 2010 2011 I NSTRUCTIONS The final part of your midterm exam is writing a letter or self-evaluation/reflection to Mrs. Stafford in which you evaluate your performance throughout this semester including both areas of strength and weakness. Your letter must be: written in standard business letter format. (You may use your resources.) written in complete sentences organized in a meaningful way with an introduction and conclusion error-free (spelling/capitalization/no run-ons or fragments) respectful, serious and honest In your letter you must evaluate yourself in the following areas: Timeliness (Were you on time to class? Were your assignments handed in on time?) Effort (Did you make every effort to do your best work? Did you plan and use your time wisely?) Respect for your peers, faculty and staff (Were you always respectful of everyone, polite and courteous?) Listening/Following directions (Did you listen to instructions in class and the lab? Did you continue to
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Unformatted text preview: talk when instructions were being given? Did Mrs. S often have to review instructions with you even when they were printed out?) Participation (Were you an active and positive participant in class discussions and activities? Did you attempt to answer questions even if you were unsure?) In your letter you must evaluate your work: Identify the piece of work that you completed in Tech Comm this semester that is an example of your best work. Explain why you think it is your best work. Identify the piece of work that you completed in Tech Comm this semester that is an example of your least best work. Explain why you think this and what should be done to improve the work. Finally, complete an overall assessment where you: Identify your strengths in this class Identify your weaknesses in this class as well as a plan for how you can be more successful in these areas....
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