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Name: P ROCEDURE R EADING A SSIGNMENT Technical Communications 2010 2011 A SSIGNMENT D ESCRIPTION In this week s assignment we will take note of how important clear and correct language is when giving someone instructions for how to do something. We will also examine the usage of technical vocabulary. T ECHNICAL V OCABULARY Use the context of the article to come up with your own definitions for each of the following words: ALL Write definition for each assigned word below ratio Forestry lubricant carburetor tachometer Culinary Arts gluten malleable essential
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Name: T ROUBLESHOOTING In each article several problems and solutions are offered. In your own words list three problems and their
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Unformatted text preview: solutions as described in your assigned article. Please be sure to give specific details and make sure that your solutions are written in complete sentences. (You may attach an additional sheet of paper if you prefer a larger space to write.) Problem Solution E XPECTATIONS Due date: Friday October 29 th , 2010 Format: Either typed or legibly hand-written and should follow ALL of the instructions above. (I will award 5 pts alone just for following the directions.) Purpose: This exercise will be used to help you develop your technical reading comprehension, analysis and vocabulary skills....
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Procedure_reading_assignment[1] - solutions as described in...

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