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References Assignment

References Assignment - reference Name Job Title...

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Name: R EFERENCES A SSIGNMENT Technical Communications 2010 2011 A SSIGNMENT D ESCRIPTION This week we will be writing our reference list. A reference is an adult who has worked with you in some capacity (teacher, coach, employer, supervisor, etc.) who would speak highly of you and your abilities, work ethic and employment skills. This person cannot be related to you; however you may add a 4 th reference that is related to you if you have worked extensively at a family business. To complete this assignment you will need to collect the following information about each
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Unformatted text preview: reference. Name Job Title Business/School Name Address Phone Number You will need to bring this information to class on Wednesday. E XPECTATIONS Due date: Wednesday December 22 nd , 2010 (typed – we will type in class) Format: Typed (we will type in class on Wed.) following format on handout. You will be evaluated based on completeness, format, spelling and capitalization. Purpose: This document will be added to your career portfolio which will be evaluated as a part of your midterm exam grade....
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