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Name: S TORY P ROPOSAL A SSIGNMENT Technical Communications 2010 2011 A SSIGNMENT D ESCRIPTION This week we are going to began examining storytelling and what elements come together to make a good story. I have attached information to this handout with some goals for writing a strong story. Over the course of this week you must complete a story proposal by completing the following fields. Next week we will begin creating our stories which will also incorporate images and music. Since these stories will eventually be added to your career portfolio it is important that it has a connection to one of the following options: A. Your career field/specific event (narrative) B. A personal philosophy of life/work (essay) C. Someone who has positively impacted your life (memoir) M ONDAY C HOOSE A F OCUS 1. Which option will you choose to write about? (A, B, or C above) 2. Summarize your story in 3 5 COMPLETE sentences. What is it going to be about?
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Unformatted text preview: Name: T UESDAY & W EDNESDAY – C REATING A HOOK . H OW WILL YOU CATCH YOUR READER ’ S INTEREST ? 3. Writers often use questions, quotations, statements, metaphors or descriptions to draw their reader in. Write the first paragraph (5 - 7 sentences) of your story. What technique will you use to draw the reader in? Name: T HURSDAY – W HAT DETAILS WILL YOU INCLUDE ? 4. Think very carefully about the story you plan to tell. Good stories include clear and specific details that paint a picture in the listener ’ s mind. List three specific details/images that you will include in your story. A. B. C. E XPECTATIONS Due date: Friday November 12 th , 2010 Format: Either typed or legibly hand-written and should include all of the information points above. All material must be appropriate for classroom use. Purpose: We’ll use this information to begin writing digital stories for your portfolio....
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Story_proposal_assignment[1] - Name T UESDAY& W EDNESDAY...

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