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Email: [email protected] TEXT Glencoe, Math Connects Plus, 2011. There will only be a classroom set. However you can find the book online. CLASSROOM RULES Classroom rules are based upon a level of respect. Respect for yourself, respect for the teacher, respect for the other students, and respect for the classroom. 1. Be on time. Be in your seat by the time the bell rings. 2. Come to class prepared. 3. While instruction is going on, there is to be no talking. 4. Treat each other with respect. 5. No food or gum in the classroom. Results for not following the rules are the following: 1. Verbal warning 2. Detention with parent contact 3. Detention with parent contact with notification that a referral will be written on the next offense. 4. Referral. GRADING Your grade will be based on the following: Tests, Homework, Classwork, and Quizzes. Tests will count for 65% of your grade. Homework, classwork, and quizzes will count for the other 35%. It will be very hard to do well in class without doing your homework. CLASSROOM SCHEDULE
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This note was uploaded on 04/19/2011 for the course MTH 110 taught by Professor Helenius during the Winter '08 term at Grand Valley State.

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2011class - M r Joseph Labrador Email L...

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