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Chapter 19- food resources

Chapter 19- food resources - Chapter19:FoodResources...

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Chapter 19:  Food Resources Introduction What do these labels mean? “Organic Food” “Certified Organic” “USDA Organic” “Humane Raised & Handled” Food & Nutrition Fill in the table with the missing information: Biological Molecule Importance in body Examples Carbohydrates Proteins (Building Blocks=  _______________) Lipids What is the difference between vitamins & minerals? Plants:
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How many plants exist? How many provide 90% of the food we consume? Which three cereal grains provide  ½  the calories we consume? Animals: If a cow consumes 100 calories of plant material, how much will it use? How much will be available to a human who consumes it? World Food Problems How many low-income food deficient countries are there? Which 2 regions have the greatest food insecurity? 1. 2. What do the following terms mean? 1. Malnourished 2. Undernourished 3. Marasmus 4. Kwashiorkor What is the largest challenge in agriculture today?
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