ScrAPES Book - written on the article itself. The...

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ScrAPES Book Introduction : Environmental issues are common items in the news these days. Articles on a variety of environmental topics appear in newspapers, magazines, and Internet news sources on a daily basis. This summer, you will be responsible for finding TEN environmental articles and responding to each article. The Assignment : You will prepare a scrapbook or binder with the 10 articles and your reflection on each: The Article : Please cut out, tear out, or print out each article & HIGHLIGHT the date that the article was published AND the date you printed it. Be sure to include the source if it is not
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Unformatted text preview: written on the article itself. The Reflection : TYPE up a page summary on the article (12 point font, single-spaced) as well as a page reflection on the article. Questions to reflect upon include how this issue affects your life, interesting or startling info presented in the article, any new info you learned, etc. Places to look for article: The Globe, The Herald, New York Times, Time, Newsweek,,, THIS ASSIGNMENT WILL BE TURNED IN ON THE FISRT DAY OF CLASS & WILL BE WORTH 100 POINTS...
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ScrAPES Book - written on the article itself. The...

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