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First impressions - FINAL MAY 2010

First impressions - FINAL MAY 2010 - F irst impressions I M...

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First impressions (IM, PD) This section focuses on what employers see, hear and perceive, including visual and verbal first impressions. According to a study from former UCLA professor Albert Mehrabian, first impressions are formed in 5-7 seconds; 38% of a first impression is based on inflection and tone of voice (how you say things); 7% is based on what you actually say, and a whopping 55% of a first impression comes from NONVERBAL cues ! Business Professional Considered to be the most formal of business attire, “business professional” is a category of clothing worn for employment interviews. Business professional continues to be the standard in many conservative and formal work environments. For women, this means a business suit or pants suit, or dress and jacket. For men, business professional dress means a dark business suit or in some cases, a blazer, dress pants and a tie. Business Casual Generally considered to be a more relaxed version of "professional professional," business casual is actually not casual. Many networking events, plant tours, even some types of interviews may call for business casual attire. For women, business casual is a shirt with a collar and /or a sweater, sweater set, dress pants or khakis and nice shoes. Some other options that are appropriate for women include a moderate length dress or skirt (knee- length or longer). For men, business casual has many levels, ranging from “just shy of a Center for Student Professional Development - Professional Development Series – First Impressions - 1
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tie” with dress pants, collared shirt and blazer, to crisp khakis and a polo shirt or shirt with a collar and /or sweater, and dress shoes. No tie is required. Campus Casual What you likely will never wear to work. Campus casual refers to attire worn to class by students every day – jeans, tee shirts, flip flops, sneakers. In general, “campus casual” is not acceptable for planned encounters with prospective employers.
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