BA 2101 Final Project Part A

BA 2101 Final Project Part A - descriptions and...

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BA 2101, Part A, 10 points Instructions for Final Essay Beginning 0-2 pts Developing 3-4 pts Accomplished 5-7 pts. Exemplary 8-10 pts Overuse of the word “the.” Contains awkward phrases or sentences. Essay contains 3+ typing, spelling, grammar or syntax errors. Use of excessive fillers, e.g., use of verbatim quotes and phrases from article. Too chatty and informal. Erroneous use of synonyms, homonyms, etc. Document not proofread accurately. Overall poor organization. Thesis statement(s) unclear or missing. Integrates concepts from other sources i.e., class, lectures, etc. Ideas are logically presented. Occasional faulty word choice. Sentences either too simple or convoluted. Essay restates the obvious or contains numerous verbatim quotes from the source article. Weak argument(s). Relevant concepts are well integrated, with a logical ordering of ideas. Consistent use of rational and well-supported argument. Contains examples from one’s own experience to illustrate points. Essay goes beyond basic
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Unformatted text preview: descriptions and generalities. Sentence structure is clear throughout. Arguments are convincing. Thesis and arguments are thought-provoking - exceptional. Writing is sophisticated, contains verbal nuance, evidence of self-reflection and thoughtful analysis. Contains 0-1 grammar, punctuation, capitalization, spelling, typing and syntax error. The final project assignment is an 800 word essay summary/reaction to Major in Success, by Patrick Combs, Chapters 1-10 & chapters 15-18. Your submissions must be typed, single spaced, using 11 or 12 point font with one-inch margins, left, right, bottom, top. The top left portion of your paper should contain the following information and be formatted as follows: FIRST NAME LAST NAME PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT STRATEGIES - BA 2101, SECTION # FINAL ESSAY – MM/DD/YYYY INSTRUCTOR: XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX Your final essay is due in the final class meeting | E-mail submissions will be neither accepted nor graded....
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BA 2101 Final Project Part A - descriptions and...

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