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VALS Survey Summary

VALS Survey Summary - Jeanelle PIerre MarketIng 2101 VALS...

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Jeanelle PIerre MarketIng 2101 VALS Survey Summary October 4, 2010 While I was taking thIs VALS survey, as when I take most surveys, I was trying to figure out how each question that I answered could give the surveyor the information that they were looking for. Since I already knew that this survey would determine the type of consumer that I am, I already anticipated questions such as “how much money do you spend on clothIng?” or “where is most of your money being spent?”. I was very surprised to see some questions like “Do you seek thrill?” and “Do you like to learn about art, culture and history?”. After submitting the survey, VALS determined that I was primarily and experiencer and secondarily an achiever. While reading the characteristics of an experiencer, I knew that it fit me completely after about the first two sentences. I am one who is very into fashion and entertainment so the majority If not all of my money is spent there. While I do keep up wIth fashion to look good, I also look
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