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Mall of America is almost like another city. While most cities might be famous for their restaurants, zoo’s and museums, this city is known internationally for their mall. Mall of America is the mall for everyone. It offers not only a variety of shopping for teen- agers and shop-a-holic’s, but it also offers an aquarium, a venue for performances, and rides and attractions. The Mall of America has also been the site to more than 5,000 weddings. The name fits the mall perfectly because it truly is the “mall of America”; it of- fers a little of everything to everyone.
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Unformatted text preview: The Mall of the Emirates offers just as much as the Mall or America if not more. It offers hundreds of shopping stores, dining, entertainment and a variety of services. An-other thing about the Mall of Emirates is that it stays open until midnight on the week-end, which is something that is unheard of for other malls. It also offers skiing for any avid skiers as well as a theatre an arts center. The limits to what both the Mall of Amer-ica and the Mall of Emirates has to offer never ends....
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