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Final Paper Theology - As the fall semester comes to a...

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As the fall semester comes to a conclusion, I finally have the opportunity to reflect on this class . I found this class very intriguing in many facets but mainly because it has helped my faith grow . I do consider myself a Christian but I don’t practice on a consistent basis. My upbringing plays a role in my views because my family is not very religious . However now that I attend a Jesuit University I am more exposed to Catholicism as well as other denominations of the Church . Currently I am dating a devout Catholic and we have often gotten into deep conversations about religion, the meaning of life, God and the afterlife . Sometimes during these conversations my ignorance hinders these talks . For example I often questioned her about the substance of Jesus and his relationship with God . Although she does know a lot and has tried to explain to the best of her abilities, her explanations were not always satisfactory and oftentimes left me with more questions . Before this class I thought there were stories in the bible that were not realistic and could not believe some people believed in the stuff . When we talked about Augustine I could relate to him because he kind of felt the same way . When we took the readings and read them allegorically my view has changed a lot . I feel like I now have a bigger appreciation for historical texts . The three topics that I am going to discuss all relate to my experiences that I have had in college . The first topic that got my interest was how the church explained the relationship of the trinity and defended against the heresies pertaining to the trinity . I found the struggle against Arianism particularly interesting . This topic relates to my college life because this was one of my bigger conversations with my girlfriend because I was confused with this relationship . I had trouble understanding how the Father, Son and Holy Spirit could be three substances in one . The
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second subject that I want to discuss is how to comprehend Jesus Christ’s divinity . This class really helped me define and understand Jesus’ nature . Finally the third area that I will discuss is how early church theologians understood scripture and other holy texts . Following along some of the greatest thinking theologians has helped me take a deeper look into readings of holy texts . When the Christian religion was in its early stages, the leaders of the church were in the midst of trying to understand the relationship of the trinity . A minority of theologians was content to settle with a broad definition and not go into details . They thought that if Christians just believed in the Father, Son and Holy Spirit then there shouldn’t be any debate after that . However the majority of Christians were trying to understand the relationship
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Final Paper Theology - As the fall semester comes to a...

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