wwII - Alex Alemann 11/26/08 ENGL Wars have been a part of...

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Alex Alemann 11/26/08 ENGL Wars have been a part of human history since the very first records were kept. War is always destructive therefore they are usually the last resort to solve the problem. They have been fought for numerous reasons ranging from conflicting ideological beliefs to power struggles between two or more nations. All past wars pale in comparison to World War II in destructiveness and influence. Therefore World War II has had the most impact of any war in the history to mankind. World War II didn’t appear out of nowhere. This war was probably inevitable due to the current events of the time. The fire that started WWII began with WWI. The allies defeated the axis powers in a very costly war. Not only was the war deadly to the soldiers, farmland and cities were in ruins. The allies who were bitter about the costs and high death tolls gave the axis powers huge reparations to pay. To create the situation even more harrowing, the Great Depression occurred in the United States and it quickly spread throughout Europe. This put Germany in even more of a bind because they were barely able to pay the reparations when the economy was good. This calamity allowed Hitler rise to power. Once Hitler came to power, WWII crept closer at an even faster pace. World War II was very short if you compare it to the ancient wars, some which lasted over 100 years. If WWII lasted that long, there probably wouldn’t be much earth left to live on. This war only lasted six years from 1939 to 1945 but 70 million people were killed in this conflict. The amount of military personnel that were used and deployed exceeded 100 million. Although this huge number was directly involved in the
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war efforts, the entire world was encompassed in this struggle for power. Families that had soldiers in the war were consumed with worry and angst. Even though they weren’t directly involved, this war consumed their thoughts. All of the citizens contributed to the war efforts by accepting rations, donating money, and growing food in their own gardens. Many communities and clubs had fundraisers to help the war effort. Although their
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wwII - Alex Alemann 11/26/08 ENGL Wars have been a part of...

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