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Alex Alemann 11/9/08 ENGL Why Dining Hours Should Lengthened My audience is my fellow students and the faculty that sets the times for the dining hours. I am focusing my attention to these two groups because changing the hours affects these two groups the most. Also, the faculty are the people I need to convince to create change. I am going to try to persuade my fellow students that longer hours will give them more flexibility in their schedules. If I am able to unite the students they will write to the school to convince them that the hours need to be changed. I will get my message across by telling them they save money by not having to go off campus to find food. Some students enjoy eating at Grand Market and Salsaritas. Another idea to diversify and elongate the eating hours is to make those two eating areas take meal swipes after seven on the weekdays.
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Unformatted text preview: Persuading the faculty that sets the dining hall hours is my main focus. They are the people I need to convince to get change. Since they are the people who will make the final move for longer hours, it is imperative they see my side. I am going to convince them by showing them that there will be a higher participation rate in clubs and school activities because students will not be as concerned with finding food. Also, more of the meal swipes will be used, giving students the most bang for their buck. I will also try to convince the faculty that the cost of operating the dining halls will not increase too much with the longer hours. Saint Louis University is already a very expensive school, so lengthening the hours will not burden the school too much....
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