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engl - A third way to solve this problem is to allow...

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Alex Alemann English 190 The Griesdeck and Reinert dining hall hours are terrible. There are ways to remedy the poor hours. Here are the three best ways to reduce the students’ complaining. One way to fix this problem is to keep the dining hall hours open later. An extra hour will benefit all of the students because it will allow them to be more flexible in their schedules. If Saint Louis University is worried about the extra costs, they can just keep Griesdeck dining hall open an hour later. Griesdeck is the more popular food court because it is situated in the middle of campus and is easily accessible by all of the students living on campus. Another way to ease the food court schedule problem is to let Salsaritas and Grand Market take meal swipes after seven. These two food courts are open until 10 at night and converting them from flex point to meal swipes for three hours make sense.
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Unformatted text preview: A third way to solve this problem is to allow students use meal swipes at restaurants that surround campus. Rally’s and Jimmy Johns are open really late. Saint Louis University should also consider expanding this idea to local fast food restaurants because a lot of students order food when they don’t have enough time to get to the dining halls. This is a great alternative for students who are studying late and need a place to eat. Extending the dining hall hours is the best response to the complaints about the hall hours. Most students just need a little more time to get to the dining halls. Since there are a lot of clubs meetings and practices in the afternoon, keeping the dining hall open for one more hour is the best idea....
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