persuasion - top four teams that will enter the tournament...

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Alex Alemann 11/2/08 EGL 190 In the past couple of years there has been some controversies surrounding the BCS rankings. Last year many prominent sports announcers and head football coaches cried for change last year. I am one of those people pushing for a new system that decides the best college football team in the country. The fans and players deserve a fairer system. The BCS ranking has flaws because it is based on opinions. Coaches, sports writers and a computer formula decide on the rankings. These rankings usually support the bigger programs. It is very hard for a smaller school to become first in the rankings. Last year Boise State was undefeated and they were not one of the top two teams to play for the National Championship even though both the number one and two teams had a loss each. I propose a playoff system that is similar to March Madness. It will only be the
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Unformatted text preview: top four teams that will enter the tournament. That way the season isn’t elongated too much. This will reduce the chance of controversy because it will give four teams the chance to play for the National Championship. This new method will be slightly more lenient to teams that have one bad game. Top teams in the country always get plagued when they have one loss due to a badly played game. Also if a team loses early in the season, their season isn’t ruined because they still have a chance to make it to the playoffs. I think eventually this new system will be used because there were many disgruntled fans last year. One of the main reasons why change is slow is because of the television deals. The bowl games are leased until 2010 or 2011. If enough people are united then the head people will have to eventually change the current format....
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persuasion - top four teams that will enter the tournament...

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