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Alex Alemann 10/22/08 English 190 IPod Review The iPod is an invention that has revolutionized the way people listen to music. It made its debut in October of 2001. Its’ inauguration day marked the beginning of a very successful product that continues to evolve. Some milestones include the switch of the clicking wheel as a moving part to the current finger sensitive non-spinning part. In 2003 the iPod mini was introduced. This new hip design spurred a skyrocket in Apple sales. In 2005 the first generation of the iPod nano was introduced and a couple of months ago Apple unveiled a new model that outdated the iPod nano 3g. Although the iPod nano 3g has just been recently outdated, I will use it as my standard in my review because I am unfamiliar with the iPod 4g’s capabilities. IPod is known for updating products even when the older model is having steady sales. The first time Apple tried this marketing technique was with the iPod mini. Apple introduced the iPod nano 1g while original minis were being sold. There is no need to worry that the iPod nano 3g is going to be outdated in the near future. It is very durable and technologically advanced. It is true that a newer version has recently come out, but the original still contains the features needed to take full advantage of an iPod. The exterior design of the iPod nano is similar to the previous iPods.
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ipod - Alex Alemann English 190 IPod Review The iPod is an...

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