review - Apple just came out with a new program called...

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Alex Alemann 10/14/08 English 190 The ipod is an invention that has changed the entire music industry. The ipod came out about seven years and has gone through many upgrades since. I am interested in this small media player because it has affected our culture immensely. On a more personal scale my dad bought one of the first ipods so I have seen the evolutions of design from the beginning of this product. The ipod on a whole is a very well designed machine. That is why it is currently in control of the music media player industry. Most of the people around campus own an ipod whether it is a nano, ipod touch or one of the older versions. Its success relies on its design. It looks good because it is hip and sharp. Also it is very simple to use. Transferring songs takes only a couple of songs. Once you get your music onto your ipod, selecting the music you want to listen to is very simple. Apple is always finding ways to improve the ipod whether it is new applications or ipod designs. For example
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Unformatted text preview: Apple just came out with a new program called genius. To work it you select one of your favorite songs and then press the genius button. Then your computer or ipod creates a playlist based on your music preferences and songs that compliment the song you picked. There can be some improvements on the ipod. At the Itunes store there are some major bands missing from the store. You can’t buy AC/DC songs. Also The Beatles aren’t featured there. So this requires you to buy a CD or download it illegally. Another flaw is that if you have a Macintosh ipod you can’t use it with a Windows computer. This causes some problems when you want to download songs. Even though the ipod is very well designed, the ear buds break easily. The plastic coating comes off after a couple of months. It doesn’t affect the sound quality but eventually the buds begin to falter after a lot of usage....
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review - Apple just came out with a new program called...

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