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Alex Alemann 10/12/08 English 190 Lori Hoffman wrote a detailed review of the movie Iron Man. Hoffman felt that the movie was cliché and of poor quality. However, I really enjoyed this movie because I am a big fan of comic books. I also believe the main actors did an excellent job making the movie a success. Over the summer this movie was a huge blockbuster and was one of the most successful movies of the year. Hoffman’s believed that the movie lacked energy. I completely disagree with her. Robert Dowing Jr. did an excellent job in his role. He portrayed his part perfectly as an egotistical capitalist. At the beginning of the movie he was confident and arrogant. By the end of the movie he was a changed man who realized that developing the most powerful weapons wasn’t the key to peace. The audience is able to follow the transformation because Robert Dowing Jr. kept the energy up the entire movie.
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Unformatted text preview: Hoffman also criticizes the villain in the movie, Obadiah, as stereotypical. So what if the villain has the stereotypical menacing look, shaved head and wears dark clothes. The villain is exposed at the beginning movie so there isn’t suspense of who is the bad guy. Complaining that the villain isn’t exciting enough isn’t a reason to give this movie a bad review. Lori Hoffman gave this movie two star ranking. I give the movie four and a half stars because the actor’s chemistries were good and the movie was well put together. There weren’t any lulls in the movie and the director did a good job of creating a story that pertains to current events. The beginning scene of Tony Stark going to Afghanistan was an excellent way to start the movie. After the opening scene the movie got just kept on getting better....
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