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informative final - Alex Alemann English 190 10/5/08...

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Alex Alemann English 190 10/5/08 Exploring the City of Saint Louis Welcome to the city of Saint Louis. This Midwestern city along the Mississippi River is known for its blues and fried ravioli. Although it is also known for being a quiet city, don’t let this misconception fool you because there is plenty of fun stuff to do. This city has the charm and history for some unique and special activities that students at Saint Louis University can explore. They just need to know where to look. Although I am just giving a few examples, I hope they will inspire students to begin their conquests into the unknown. I am a South Floridian resident when I am not attending Saint Louis University. Until the end of my senior year in high school, I had not ventured out to the Midwest. When I came to Saint Louis University I was a little naïve about this city. I still am still not completely familiar with this city even though I have been attending Saint Louis University for almost two months now. I think many students feel the same way. Not only are there many kids not from the area, there isn’t a lot of time for students to explore the city because of classes, clubs, athletics and Greek life. Therefore I have decided to research and find fun and exciting attractions around the city for students. After doing some research I found that there is no shortage of fun around the city. However not all of it pertained to college students. To narrow down the list I broke each attraction into three categories, affordability, accessibility and enjoyment potential. I believe that these three categories are the most influential on the average college student
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on whether or not they decide to visit an attraction. Cost is extremely important because college is very expensive. There are many costs and most students don’t have large
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informative final - Alex Alemann English 190 10/5/08...

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