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informative essay - usually spend it on campus Therefore I...

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Alex Alemann 9/28/08 English 190 I live in Miami slightly over 1200 miles away from Saint Louis. I came to Saint Louis knowing very little about this city. I knew that this city has the Arch and is on the Mississippi river but besides that I was clueless what Saint Louis has to offer. Now that I have been here at Saint Louis for about a month I am starting to become more familiar with the city. However I still feel like I am missing out on a lot of neat things. Now that I am presented the opportunity to do an informative essay I have decided to make my topic, attractions in Saint Louis that college students would enjoy. I picked my attractions based on the interests of college students because I am one and I feel most of us have trouble getting off campus. Many of the students are busty with athletics, Greek life, clubs and school itself. Even when students have free time they
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Unformatted text preview: usually spend it on campus. Therefore I think this group would benefit the most from ideas of fun places to go around the city. There are three aspects that will mainly affect college students on whether or not they will attend an attraction. Accessibility, affordability, and enjoyment potential are the three ways I decided whether or not the typical college student would enjoy an attraction. Saint Louis University is an urban campus so many of the students don’t have cars. The main mode of transportation for the students here are walking, metrolink, and SLU shuttles. College is very expensive so many of the students here have tight budgets. Since I have a college student myself I have a pretty good idea on what would be fun....
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