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Alex Alemann 9/28/08 English 190 My topic is about attractions in Saint Louis. I want to inform my readers of fun activities to do in this city. Since my audience is college students, I am trying to curtail my ideas toward attractions that college students would be interested in. My main three points for each attraction is affordability, accessibility and enjoyment potential. I am focusing on those three points because I believe they affect college students the most on whether they want to check out an attraction. Since my topic is neutral there are not really any controversies surrounding my topic. I can’t imagine a debate erupting because I forgot to include a landmark or a museum. However my readers might have questions for me on my methods of my research. To find the most enjoyable attractions in Saint Louis I am going to ask Saint Louis University students about fun adventures they have done in this city. I might also ask some Saint Louis natives.
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Unformatted text preview: Even if the natives are middle age they might be able to give me ideas that could be fun that I wouldnt have even considered. I am going to do most of my research online because I can be efficient and use my own judgment. Saint Louis is a pretty interesting city so there is a plethora of things to do when college students have some free time. I hope I am able to appeal to the diverse students of Saint Louis because I am a guy and an athlete so I might have different interests than female musicians. To try to appeal to the many different interests at Saint Louis University I am going to try to include many different attractions ranging from clubs to museums to ballparks. This topic that I picked is very neutral and straightforward so there shouldnt be many controversies or questions. This is supposed to merely give students ideas on what they can do if they are bored....
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