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hip hop informative - this style of music After a rocky...

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Alex Alemann 9/23/08 English 190 Hip Hop is a staple in American music. However not many people know where it came from and the journey of how this funky style of music took the industry by storm. Many musicians and music enthusiasts can thank Russel Simmons for his vision and passion in this field of music. Russel Simmons is the father of Hip Hop but he almost didn’t survive the streets to make his impact. When he was a young kid he sold marijuana and joined a gang. He soon was over his head when his fellow gang members gave him a gun to shoot a fleeing robber. At that point he realized that he needed to change his lifestyle if he wanted to keep on living. While he was attending college at City College he had an epiphany while he was hanging out at Charles Gallery. That night is where he was introduced to Hip Hop. He was so affected by this style of music that he dropped out of college to follow a career in
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Unformatted text preview: this style of music. After a rocky start he soon started to have success with his recording artists. His first major success was his MTV contract. After MTV, recording titles signed his artists and began producing their cd’s once they realized the potential of Hip Hop. Russel Simmons didn’t stop at music he even expanded his business interests to clothing lines and seven eleven drinks. This article was very informative because it stayed on the topic of Hip Hop and Russel Simmons. The author didn’t try to persuade the reader because he was neutral and stuck to facts. I learned a lot about the history of Hip Hop and the impact that Russel Simmons had on this genre of music. The author did an excellent writing about interesting facts to keep the readers interested....
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hip hop informative - this style of music After a rocky...

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