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Alex Alemann English 190 9/9/07 Waking up on a Saturday morning when I was ten always gave me such a rush. For most kids my age it was the relief that school was over for the week and Saturday morning could be dedicated to television and a long drawn out breakfast. For me it was the anticipation for my sporting event whether it be AYSO soccer, YMCA basketball or Little League baseball. I am usually not a morning person but nothing can get me out of bed faster than a mid morning game. However once the final whistle or last out was caught my weekend usually felt over. This enjoyment of athletics made me realize that I want to keep playing as long as possible. So I made it a personal goal to play a sport in
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Unformatted text preview: college. In seventh grade my world was shaken because my parents informed me that we were moving from New York City to Florida. I was not prepared for this upheaval because I thought I was set in my ways. But having no say in this situation we moved my summer year going into eighth grade. I soon realized that my fears were overplayed because I easily assimilated to the more relaxed Florida lifestyle. I joined my middle school soccer team and I had success starting as a goalie. I got to experience playing a longer season due to the temporal weather of sunny South Florida. I also joined my area Little League in the spring....
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