cultural aspect - when one is younger. Also I wasnt sure...

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Alex Alemann 9/11/08 My topic is more of a reflection on my personality but there are some underlying cultural aspects to my story. I mainly wrote about the personal side because I was able to give more details and expand on that theme. However, culture certainly plays a major role in the early parts of my reflection. My reflection paper is about how baseball steered me to Saint Louis University, although the path definitely took some unexpected turns. I started my reflection paper when I was twelve when I moved from New York City to Florida. I then proceeded to explain how I came to SLU through baseball. I concluded my paper with my arrival at SLU. Culture played a larger role when I was still deciding what I wanted to do with athletics. Since my dad is Argentinean, he played a significant part in my pursuit of soccer. He is a huge soccer fan and always tried to put some small pressure on me to keep up with the sport. I was affected by his encouragement when I was younger because parents have a greater influence
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Unformatted text preview: when one is younger. Also I wasnt sure what sport was going to work out yet so his advice was momentous on my decisions. My mom also plays a role because she is a strong believer in diversity. Even though her side of the family is basketball players, she was pretty good at letting me decide for myself what I wanted to do. She insisted I diversify myself in athletics. At one point she even tried to convince me to try swimming. This topic I have picked has affected me personally because it has dictated the rest of my life. Baseball is the main reason why I am attending Saint Louis University. If it werent for the opportunities this sport has opened for me, I would probably be going to a Florida school with most of the seniors from my school. I am extremely grateful because it took a lot of luck, hard work and perseverance. I am really glad that it paid off the way it did....
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