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essay description - freshman year The reasons why I...

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Alex Alemann 9/9/08 I narrowed down my essay topics down to moving from New York City to Florida and my baseball career. I was starting to favor my moving story but then I realized that many people move while a very few people have had similar experiences as me in athletics. Therefore I finally decided to share my baseball experience. I am going to begin my essay in New York where the competition wasn’t as fierce and everybody played a sport each season. Fall typically was soccer, winter was basketball and spring was baseball. Then the scene is going to transition to Florida. I moved when I was twelve. While athletics in New York was still recreational, in Florida dads have been training their kids to become the next superstar athlete since they began their travel teams at the age of eight. After I set the tone of the competition in Florida in little league, I am going to describe how I didn’t make any high school sport teams my
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Unformatted text preview: freshman year. The reasons why I didn’t make any teams aren’t so cut and dry so I have to explain it thoroughly. Sophomore year I finally made the baseball team. Making the team was a turning point in my fortunes. Sophomore year I didn’t play much but I kept working hard by taking extra practice. Junior year I made the Varsity team and started getting more playing time. Then senior year I had to step up when our best pitcher and all state player got injured for the year. That injury, although I never in my wildest dreams would hope would happen to one of my best friends, was a blessing for me. The team was forced to depend on me and I was able to deliver. That extra playing time exposed me to college coaches. Saint Louis’s baseball coach, Dare Hendrickson contacted me and I came to visit the school in May. I fell in love with the campus and on August 25 th I attended my first class at Saint Louis University....
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