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reflection paper response

reflection paper response - depression actually worked This...

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Alex Alemann 9/7/08 Ms. Frost Pam Houston’s short story, A Blizzard Under Blue Sky , was written in such a touching way that I was able to immediately relate to it. Even though I have never been clinically depressed I have gone through stages of life where nothing seems to be going right. Because she was able to connect with the reader (me), her story became alive. Pam was in a difficult stage in her life when she was diagnosed as clinically depressed. Her doctor suggested to take medication but Pam wanted to get her life back into shape her own way without the assistance of drugs. She decided the best way to get out of this rut was to go winter camping with her two dogs Jackson and Hailey. At first she thought the plan was excellent but when she got to the woods and began her hike she had second doubts. The weather was below zero and she thought she might freeze to death overnight. That night she was tried, but her method of going hiking to relieve the
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Unformatted text preview: depression actually worked. This story is a lot more than just camping in the woods at below zero temperatures. Instead this was a life changing experience for Pam Houston because in her closing comments of the short story she admits that her life began to turn around after this camping trip. Mind you, it wasn’t overnight but a gradual process. Pam Houston began the story with the doctor’s office visit. This opening scene conveyed the magnitude of the situation. The reader was able to realize that she was going through tough times. Pam also emphasized her winter camping expedition. This moment was a turning point in her life so she tried to tell this vividly with a lot of details and descriptions. She also was able to describe her feeling and what was changing her emotional state. Using these approaches with her writing, she got her points across strongly....
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