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Human Relations and Corporate Culture Key Terms Human Relations How employers interact with employees Fringe benefits Programs offered by employers in addition to salary and wages, such as pensions, health care Account for 42% of the total personal costs Cafeteria benefit programs permit employees choice from a variety of plans Quotes The key to execution of plans is a relationship issue. Getting things done through people. Leadership is only 12% intellect 88% how you get things done through others Over the last 100 years the US has become the economic model of the world Early on long work weeks combined with abusive & exploitive techniques to gain efficiency by employers led to the rise of unions. Now higher performing organizations are those that gain engage employees emotions Hawthorne studies revealed in the 1920s that positive acknowledging and developing workers are important! Workers do more when they feel important are appreciated! The culture and capabilities of your organization is a more important source
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adownload_doc-13.php - Human Relations and Corporate...

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