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Labor Relations Key Terms Labor Relations Relationship between comapny and employees who are considered as doing the physical labor. A traditional manufacturing term. Blue collar workers Workers that could be unionized Labor Unions An association of employees who represent employees on issues regarding Terms and Conditions of Employment Collective Bargaining Agreeed on desires of both sides Contract Escalator Clauses Built in to contract to make up for increased standard of living When the standard of living goes past a preset number, the wages go up Featherbedding Companies must keep a certain number of workers on the job regardless if they are needed Closed Shops Companies can only hire union workers Union Shop Workers hired into the company must join the union Agency Shop Workers do not have to be members but they do have to pay dues The collective mindset of the organization is a powerful force that grips an organization and has a major impact on its performance 26% are engaged 74% are Disengaged Middle 80% don't care How Unions are established Union organizers and employees who want union representation approach others and distribute authorization cards (door to door) Can petition NLRB for election with 30% of workers sign cards. Most unions
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