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11/3 Engagement #8 Human Resources Management pp. 109 o Planning – number of people required to support the strategic plan o Staffing – recruiting, selecting, hiring o Training – identify needs and provide training to fill the void o Career pathing – position to position – career pathing not as widely used because increased speed of change. Organization design must be more fluid today? o Health and Safety/Compensation and Benefits (health and retirement)/Counseling The Staffing Process pp. 111 1. Recruiting 2. Interviews 3. Reference checks 4. Physical exam 5. Hiring (Supervisor needs to do the selecting) 6. Indoctrination/Orientation/Training Having all “A” players does not assure an “A” team Human relations pp. 117 o How employees interact with employees (Human Relationships) o The key to executions of plans is a relationship issue. Getting things done through people. o Leadership is 12% technical skills and knowledge and 88% the ability to get things done through others The Great Debate Manage Lead -Negative energy -Positive energy Intimidation Learning Fear Creativity Confrontation Ideas encouraged Control Fun Acknowledgement Traditional Management o Command Tell o Control 1
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11/3 What allowed and not allowed You can and cant o Operate from head Manipulate Maneuver
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adownload_doc-15.php - 11/3 Engagement #8 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6....

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