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10/29 Engagement #7 Economic fundamental- portion of productivity improvements goes to workers in form of higher pay 7 Secrets of Inspiring leaders 1. Demonstrate enthusiasm Passion 2. Articulate a compelling course of action 3. Sell the benefit 4. Tell more stories 5. Invite participation 6. Reinforce an optimistic outlook 7. Encourage potential Strategic Planning pp 87 o Done by senior level executives o Should be focused on the market o How mission statement should be achieved Top leaders Tactical planning o 1 to 2 years o Done by Middle management o Moves you forward Middle leaders Operating plans o Yearly, monthly, daily, hourly, plans….lower ( front line ) levels of management… consistent with the mission/strategic/tactical plans. Specific actions for the department and individuals. Lower leaders Vision Statement: Future focused that will sustain actions of associates to make reality (pp 89) Mission statement: why organization exists, what function it performs, target markets, and how it functions Values: Beliefs about behavior SWOT Analysis: Study strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats
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adownload_doc-14.php - 10/29 Engagement#7 1 2 3 4 5 6 7...

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