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Unformatted text preview: 10/13 Entrepreneurship/Management Global Financial crisis warning signs? USA Business practices increasingly speculative/reactive vs. sustainable/proactive Single economic engine housing Economic consumption engines US government, business, and individuals all spending more than they make Wild card low trust many mad about being manipulated for the wealth of others What is the real issue of the first Global crisis? Truly a global market Clogged credit frozen loan capability Because of 1 & 2 working in a concert to avoid worldwide deflation How did the USA problem grow global? Risky loans bundled and sold internationally USA 25% of global consumption Are we getting near the market bottom? Treasury rates up Loan spread tightening 6 Things to Monitor 1. Money markets opening Price of gold goes down 3 month treasury bills go up 2. Capital markets Credit spreads tightens Leading economic indicators go up 3. Consumer spending Mortgage rates down 1 10/13...
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adownload_doc-10.php - 10/13 Entrepreneurship/Management...

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