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10/15 Management/Leadership Strong and healthy organizations are the organizations o Whose formal leaders are also their informal leaders o The most successful communication is one-on-one 4 Responsibilities of Leaders – pp 75 1. Planning- vision, mission, strategy 2. Organizing- getting people and resources aligned to carry out the plan 3. Directing- set priorities, focus, accountability, and responsibility 4. Controlling- monitor progress Problem solving requires – pp76 o Logical thinking o Understand the problem o Involve others with knowledge o Establish options o Select option Business does not work as a democracy Proactive vs. Reactive – in a reactive environment – you become a subordinate to the issue Time management – pp77 o Prioritize o Focus o Delegate/Responsibility/Accountability o Stick to time commitments If everything is important, then nothing is o Obsessions of an Extraordinary Executive by Patrick Lencioni Important/ Urgent - i.e. I have to have
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adownload_doc-9.php - 10/15 Management/Leadership Strong...

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