bus-12 - X420Session2 o Fall2009 o YourInterests...

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X420 Session 2 X420 Writing Power Resumes o Fall 2009 Develop Your Career Strategy o Strategy formed based on: Your Interests Level of risk you willing to take Where – Location Work/Life Balance o Career search strategy: How many companies? What percent on-campus versus self-directed? Test Your Strategy o Test your strategy by picking your top companies Attend career-related events (i.e. Roundtables) Conduct informational interviews with alums/peers Perform company research Maintain a list of 6 -10 companies active How do you Differentiate Yourself? o Understand who you are  o o Be prepared o Focus Writing Power Resumes o Things to consider First Impression Appearance Resume Sections Career Goal Accomplishments Relevance Writing Style A Power Resume o Should attract attention to your skills, strengths, accomplishments, and your  career plans o Readers should be encouraged to want to learn more o A power resume is a strong marketing document to  SELL YOURSELF Learn to interpret job descriptions
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o Deconstruct the job description Identify skills from the job posting or employers website
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bus-12 - X420Session2 o Fall2009 o YourInterests...

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