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bus-9 - o#1 Our textbook is a comic book • Meet Johnny...

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X420 Session 1 Fall 2009 X420  o Dr. Linda M. Dunn-Jensen o September 1, 2009  Introductions This Recruiting Year…Yikes!  o Going to be tough… o You will have the tools to be ready o Remember, don’t end up in Greenland!!  Planning a Trip  Top Ten reasons this class is not your roommates X420  o #10: The room has been remodeled o #9: I have figured out how to block your cell phones… o #8: There is no using laptops in class …(NOT kidding) o #7: There will not be required lab coaching in the UCSO o #6: Students who are sleeping or engaging in any kind of disruptive behavior will  be asked to leave the classroom o #5:Yada… o #4:Yada… o #3:Yada… o #2: The author of “Confessions of a Recruiting Director” will be speaking in class
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Unformatted text preview: o #1: Our textbook is a comic book • Meet Johnny Bunko o http://www.johnnybunko.com/about-the-book/ • Highlights of the syllabus • X420 Questions o Contact [email protected] • Shocking Resume Confession #4 o No matter how strong the candidate, poorly written resumes get tossed in the trash can. • For Next Session o Thursday, September 3 Recruiting at Kelley – UCSO update Writing Power Resumes: Bring your resume to class (hardcopy) o Read: Johnny Bunko Chapter 1: Confessions of a Recruiting Director...
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