bus - T hinking and Knowing Culture defines what it means...

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Thinking and Knowing Culture defines what it means to know and learn Need to learn is unavoidable when an organization engages in a multicultural workforce or engages in global activities for the first time Concepts vs. Experience US o Low concept o Rely on concepts LOVE MODELS Onstage analysis Concepts (models) guide decision making Situation decisions based on model, stay consistent Concepts come from education, not seniority Make decisions based on concept/short term phenomena Law and trial precedents Business decisions, what has worked in the past? Japan o High context culture o Rely on experience Seniority can override concept or model Senority implies experience, implies knowledge Decision making comes from analysis of situation (not model) Use both onstage and offstage indicators Actions, Family ties, geographic region, etc. Decisions may appear inconsistent from conceptual view Due to situational decision making—flexibility of “rules” Right and wrong not concrete Asking questions vs. Mastering Wisdom Learn patterns from culture early in life, first from home then from school, change little throughout life US
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o Asking questions is rewarded Most entrepreneur companies started by asking questions Questions askers seen as intelligent Seen as heroes Open territory that was once unseen o Method: dissect, deconstruct, and atomize Break down to basics to get to root of “why/what” Identify the smallest part and relate all other blocks to
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bus - T hinking and Knowing Culture defines what it means...

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