bus-3 - Global Perspective o Do you enjoy learning about...

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Unformatted text preview: Global Perspective o Do you enjoy learning about new cultures? o Can you communicate in multiple languages? o Looking to broaden your global perspective? o Do you want to work in a foreign country? Adventure and Personal Growth o Going overseas in many ways is not just a journey to another land, but also a journey inside itself. Living abroad often leads to greater self-knowledge and awareness. o The challenges and frustrations you experience, both in the office and out, will be great drivers of personal growth. o Sometimes even the simplest task, like getting your phone connected or taking a taxi, put you into situations where you are tested and challenged on a daily basis. Vault Guide 2008 A Students Perspective o Spring 2008 accounting intern in Spain always considered working internationally, but at this point do not know if it will happen or not. In either case, I know that I will benefit greatly by participating in a Spanish speaking internshipan increased knowledge of the Spanish language will be very valuable for me, and all Americansso that I may be positioned when Latin America begins her economic boom, much like China is experiencing today, and when that time comes I hope to be positioned to take advantage of the many business opportunities there . by Ryan Shupe, X490 Internship for Credit assignment 10 Essential Tips o Tip #1 - Develop a Job Search Strategy Planning is key to success What types of companies interest you? Public, private, domestic, foreign, global What strategy will you use? Networking Cold contact Websites Job sites Recruiters International job fairs o Tip #2 Determine What Jobs You Want to Pursue Examine why you are interested in an overseas job Review the courses you have taken Develop a list of skills youve mastered Can you develop a profile of the types of jobs that interest you and that you are qualified for Common types of international workers: English teachers, foreign service officer, development workers, entrepreneurs, students, seasonal workers o Tip # 3 Research Potential Jobs, Companies, and Countries Build a spreadsheet containing all the information you need to know, (i.e. job tit les, skills, experience required, company name, location, (i....
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bus-3 - Global Perspective o Do you enjoy learning about...

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