s-5 - Then show one example of each on two screens 3 Korean...

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Color terms: experiments New Guinea Grand Valley Dani speaks a two term language, but speakers of Dani learned names for a new color based on fire-engine red more quickly than one for off-red What happens when subjects are asked to assign objects in the blue-green spectrum to color categories when their language does not actually distinguish blue and green? Do speakers of different languages see the rainbow differently? OF COURSE NOT! Korean versus English: language English distinguishes in and on in an envelope on a refrigerator Korean distinguishes between tight fit kitta ( both putting a letter in an envelope and putting a magnet on a refrigerator) loose fit nehta (putting an apple in a bowl) How does this grammatical distintinction impact on thought? Korean versus English: thinking Experiments by McDonough et al. (2000) 1. Familiarize by showing examples of either tight fit or loose fit on a screen. 2.
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Unformatted text preview: Then show one example of each, on two screens. 3. Korean speakers looked longer at the kind of spatial relation which they had just been familiarized with. 4. English speakers showed no such effect 5. When shown several examples of loose fit and one of tight fit (or vice versa), Korean adults could easily pick odd man out, but English-speaking adults could not. 6. Prelinguistic infants, regardless of whether being raised in Korean or English speaking household and unlike adult English speakers , distinguished between tight and loose fit (in the familiarization experiment). Space: the final frontier ■ Different languages have fundamentally different ways of describing spatial orientation ➤ European languages: LEFT, RIGHT, FRONT, BACK – these are relative orientations ➤ Guugu-Yimidhirr: quadrants, based on geography of earth – these are fixed orientations...
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s-5 - Then show one example of each on two screens 3 Korean...

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