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s-12 - cells and integrate them • The axon is the...

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Neurolinguistics The neurology of language Localizing the part of the brain that controls language Understanding the operation of the neuron network called the language processor Understanding the development of this neuron network The genetics of language The genes that build the language processor The mutation of these genes that causes the inheritability of language impairments The Neuron A group of highly specialized cells, which are elongated and irritable. Neurons are the primary cell that are involved in information processing in the brain. An important quality of neurons is that they are not replaced by new neurons if they are damaged - brain function is repaired by way of using existing cells, if possible. Part of a Neuron Cell The cell body contains the biochemistry that makes the cell operate. Dendrites are the ‘input lines’ of a neuron, they take signals from sensory input, or other nerve
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Unformatted text preview: cells, and integrate them. • The axon is the ‘output line’ of the neuron Synapses are junctions across which neurons are excited, inhibited, or modulated Genes run in the family ■ Specific Language Impairment (SLI) syndromes more likely in identical twins (80%) than fraternal twins (35%) ■ The K family . .. ➤ Grandma, 4 out of her 5 children, 11 of 23 the children of those 4, all have the same SLI symptoms ➤ Slow, labored speech, grammatical errors – It’s a flying finches, they are. – The boys eat four cookie. – Carol is cry in the church. ➤ The wugs-test results: – wug --> wugness? – zat--> zackle? – sas --> sasses , so then zoope --> zoopes and tob --> tobyes! ➤ Problems specifically concentrated in inflectional morphology...
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