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s-21 - also the two largest a Missionary religion VIII What...

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I. Which discipline speaks to humankind’s development of religion as a way  to meet our emotional needs, to relieve us of anxiety and uncertainty? a. Psychology II. Which discipline suggests that religion originated in humankind’s response  to not knowing the causes of natural phenomenon? a. Anthropology III. Which discipline speaks to the religious patterns of relationships with  supernatural entities being modeled on patterns of human interaction? a. Sociology IV. What is the single largest organized religion in the US? a. Roman Catholic V. In the world? a. Roman Catholic VI. What is the oldest living religion? a. Hinduism VII. Why are the two youngest world religions (Islam and Christianity) 
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Unformatted text preview: also the two largest? a. Missionary religion VIII. What analogy is used to illustrate the Inclusivist response? a. The mountain with many paths IX. Catholicism and Reform Judaism both embrace which response to religious diversity? a. Inclusivism X. Which response to religious diversity is most prevalent among conservative Christians? a. Exclusivism XI. Pluralism is based on the idea that religions hold different truths because… a. They ask different questions. XII. The recent trend in mainline Protestant Christianity has been toward which response? a. Inclusivism...
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