s-31 - Key Concepts for Exam 1. Courts As Political...

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Key Concepts for Exam 1. Courts As Political Institutions 1. Values 1. Courts are political because they allocate [give/ set aside] values 1. Their decisions allocate value 2. From Reading 1. Most important ways in which Municipal courts and the Supreme court differs : 1. Municipal court is a trial court 1. Cases are first heard in trial courts 2. A single judge presides 2. Supreme Court is an appellate court 1. Members called justices rather than judges 3. Appellate Courts 1. Review lower court decisions, hear arguments dealing primarily w/ application of law to the facts that were already ascertained at trial 4. Public Proceedings 1. Municipal courts 1. Sessions usually involve action on a large # of cases [handled informally and speedily] 2. Supreme courts 1. Conducts meetings w/ considerable formality and a majestic setting 5. Cast of characters 1. Municipal 1. lawyers 2. Supreme 1. Lawyers tend to work in most prestigious segments of legal profession 2. Justices come from legal and political elite groups 6. Hear different types of cases 1. Municipal 1. Handle criminal and civil cases w/ relatively small stakes under state statutes and local ordinances 2. i.e.: small claims and misdemeanors [traffic and parking violations] 2. Supreme 1. Hears cases raising broad legal issues under the U.S. Const. and federal statutes 2. Most cases concern civil liberties and gov’t regulation of the economy 3. Most originally decided by some trial court decides a diff case from the 1 heard in municipal court 2. 2.
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s-31 - Key Concepts for Exam 1. Courts As Political...

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