s - By about age of 5-> Have mastered a system of...

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What does language do? Transfers thoughts from the Mind through the Language Processor of one person, across space and time, to the Language Processor , and finally to the Mind , of another person. What is Language For? 1. Providing information This class is E103. 2. Giving commands Shut the door on your way out. 3. Expressing feelings I am happy to see so many students. 4. Asking questions Did you read the assigned chapter? and so on … The Power of Language Talk about things that happened 2000 years ago, that are happening now or things that will happen in 20 years … Talk about characters who only exist in our collective imagination … Give you specific instructions on how to cook an elaborate meal … Some Individuals who…
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Unformatted text preview: By about age of 5-> Have mastered a system of knowledge which is more complex than any known computer program Without explicit instruction and without any apparent effort. Einstein Newton Darwin What happens in exceptional cases For most of us, language, like walking or breathing is something we take for granted. In fact, it is hard to imagine how we could live our lives without language Sadly however, there are individuals for whom the problem is all too real What can we learn from these exceptional cases About language itself About the way language is acquired About the relation between language and the rest of the intellect...
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s - By about age of 5-> Have mastered a system of...

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