c-41 - some high some low 2 Rates of crime vary inversely...

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SOCIAL ECOLOGY Adopted (in part) from Emile Deirken --rapid social change leads to crime to breakdown in social controls ECOLOGY: Study of relationships of plants and animals in natural habitat "Web of Life" Similar with human communities Life centers on market economies Laissez-faire governments Individuals seen as struggling for survival. .. ...in interrelated mutually-dependent communities Cities (Urban Centers) = Environments Shaped by: Physical Structure Government Formal and Informal Interactions with People Cities have ecological zones own cultures relationships understandings like plant ecologies, urban ecologies shift FINDINGS 1. Areas of Chicago have marked variations in delinquency and crime
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Unformatted text preview: some high, some low 2. Rates of crime vary inversely in proportion to distance away from center of city. 3. Juvenile delinquency and adult crime are similar in distribution 4. Differences in rates due to community background High rates in: a. Physically deteriorated areas b. Declining population areas 5. High rates consistent over time even when composition of population changes. 6. Recidivism highest in high areas of crime suggests that crime is product of social disorganization "Social Separation fosters cultural differentiation which leads to social dysfunction." PROBLEMS: 1. Reliance on official data 2. Delinquency not limited to lower class 3. No clear way of defining community cultures...
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c-41 - some high some low 2 Rates of crime vary inversely...

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