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4/01/09 Genetic Theories cont… 1. Sarnoff Mednick – Adoption Study in Denmark - Examined records of all adoptions from 1924-1947  - Hypothesis: criminality in biological parents is associated with increased  risk of criminality in children - Info available on 4,000 male children - Study suggests a stronger genetic influence - Study also found that 4% of adopted males accounted for 69% of crime *Selected incapacitation C. Findings significant for property offenses but not for violent offenses
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Unformatted text preview: D. Social factors in both causes and prevention come into play (i.e. greatest variance in crime attributed to disciplinary procedures used by parents) Problems: 1. Adopted parents with criminal lifestyles not represented in study 2. Info on biological parents available to adoptive parents 3. Studies limited to bivariate relationship – the addition of other variables would reduce strength of the correlations “Non-causal correlations”...
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