c-31 - social structure biological drive Psychological...

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3/2/09 Positive School Last third of the 19 th  Century  1. Reaction to failures of the classical school institutions a. Crime in France increased 3 fold b. Recidivism doubled ( repeat offenders) c. Prison deteriorated d. Deterrence theory seen as failure 2. Movement reflected the changes in the ideas about human development -  Spenser and Darwin Principles 1. The Organic Society  a. Society is more than the sum of its parts b. People exist as social units c. People have a duty of obedience to society  i. Absolute ; rights of individual’s secondary to the protection of the social  unit 2. Determinism a. Behavior is shaped by forces outside of the individual’s control - history, 
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Unformatted text preview: social structure, biological drive, Psychological drive, economic conditions b. “Free Will” is therefore a myth - behavior can be irrational c. People are not Hedonistic - actions can be uncalculated 3. Social Protection a. The State must protect itself from the harmful and dangerous behaviors b. The survival of the social unit is most important (not rooted in the idea of the Social Contract) 4. State’s Right to Control harmful Behavior – must attempt to identify/ prohibit/prevent/repress dangerous conduct...
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  • Organic Society, Control Harmful Behavior, classical school institutions, prohibit/prevent/repress dangerous conduct, 3. Social Protection, social  unit

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c-31 - social structure biological drive Psychological...

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