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Crime and Deviance P200 5917 What makes a crime a crime? Ex. 1: Three masked males raping a young woman in the woods - Against her will, rights violated - Inherently wrong Ex. 2: Guy and girl in fraternity; guy forces sex, while she says no - No premeditation (assumed), impulsive - Amount of risk -> compare Ex. 1 vs. Ex. 2 - Who’s to blame? - Difference in punishment because of the nature of the behavior
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Unformatted text preview: Ex. 3: Couple at drive-in theater; previously have had sex; she says no this one time; then later recants her opposition and they continue having sex-When does “no” mean “no”?-No force was used-No means no; no matter what-Look at the context and the relationship between the two-What was intended and the context *Look at all the elements in each situation....
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