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c-19 - C Peers 2 Commitment = Investment in Conventional...

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Social Bond Theory Travis Hirschi Focus is on the Techniques and Strategies used to Regulate Behavior and Ensure Conformity Social Control Defines Deviant Behavior What is Right and Wrong What is a Violation of Law This Socialization Process is also referred to as "bonding" 4 Central Elements to Bonding: 1. Attachment = Strength of ties to others: --Sensitivity --Interest in others' welfare Three Primary Forms A. Parents B. School
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Unformatted text preview: C. Peers 2. Commitment = Investment in Conventional Lines of Action--Time--Energy A. Develops Stakes of Conformity "The more one has, the more one has to lose." 3. Involvement = Proportion of TIme Spent Involved in Conventional Activities A. Schools B. Recreation C. Family 4. Beliefs = Attribution of Moral Validity to Conventional Norms--Similar to Differential Association--Respect for Law and Authority...
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