c-18 - Cannot be Self-Control since Self-Control Remains...

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Crime and Self-Control (Hirschi and Gottfredson) Crime a Product of Low Self-Control Combined with Opportunities. Based on Characteristics of Ordinary Crimes: 1. Acts of Simple and Immediate Gratification. 2. Exciting and Risky. 3. Involve Little Skill or Planning 4. Result in Few Benefits to Offender And Characteristics of Ordinary Offenders: 1. Impulsive 2. Insensitive 3. Physical 4. Risk-Taking and Short-Sighted Self-Control (Both High and Low) is a Stable Characteristic Arising from the Internalization of External Social Controls Primarily Child Rearing Discipline and Consequences for Deviant Behavior. What Accounts for Variations in Rates of Criminality? Prevalence The Total Number of Crimes in a Given Time or Area Incidence The Number of Crimes Committed by Given Individuals (Chronic Offenders)
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Unformatted text preview: Cannot be Self-Control since Self-Control Remains Constant Variations in Crime Rates a Product of Opportunity Structures. Opportunities for Crimes More Readily Available to Certain Individuals, Certain Areas. Those Without Access to Opportunities Will Engage in Other Forms of Low Self-Control: • Drinking • Cheating • Absenteeism • Self-Centeredness • Gambling • Smoking Problems: 1. Tautological Theory People are Defined as Having Low Self-Control by Seeing if they Engage in Low Self-Control Behaviors. It Must be Defined by Some Other Criteria. 2. Fails to Account for All Crimes. 3. Relationship between Self-Control and Opportunity Unclear....
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c-18 - Cannot be Self-Control since Self-Control Remains...

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