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SUMMARY OF CONSTITUTIONAL THEORIES James Q. Wilson According to James Q. Wilson: 1. Average Offender Tends to be Constitutionally Distinctive, but not abnormally so 2. Biological Factors are Predispositions Toward Crime --Expressed as Psychological Traits --Activated by Circumstances Thus: 3. Circumstances that Activate Criminal Behavior in One Person will not do so in another. 4. Social Forces will not deter criminal Behavior in 100% of Population 5. Distributions of Crime within and across societies may, to some extent, reflect underlying
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Unformatted text preview: distributions of constitutional factors "Crime cannot be understood without taking into account individual predispositions and their biological roots." Problems: 1. Emphasis placed on Weak Evidence 2. Much depends on how crime is defined 3. Given Lack of Controls, Idea of "Independent Heredity Effect" not possible to state 4. Lack of Consideration of intervening variables over-emphasizes these Characteristics 5. Even if Biological Effects are evident, we don’t know the priority or strength of that effect...
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